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Our Team


Jeremy Chan

Executive Director
Business Development

Jeremy is a brand communications and marketing expert of over 20 years in Greater China and has enjoyed every bit of his career. He has held numerous leading senior positions in marketing and helped drive the brand awareness and sales of international brands such as Levi’s, Adidas, Gap, Puma, Giordano with an extended retail background working for retail giants such as Watsons, Belle International and Marathon Sports.

With a strong brand building and digital marketing experience, he has led his team into winning multiple Chinese and regional creative and integrated marketing awards such as Effie, Internationalists, MMA Smarties, Great Wall, Media 360, Golden Mouse, etc.

He is also recognized by the industry by being the jury for regional advertising awards such as APAC EFFIE and ROI festival for over 5 years.

Jeremy has also been involved in multiple startup projects from AI, Web3, manufacturing as a brand and communications consultant. When he is not working as a consultant or promoting brands, he also enjoys being a lecturer at HKU SPACE with their undergraduate marketing programs. He is a Certified ESG Planner®

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