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BUD Fund Special Package

Fuel your overseas brand building efforts with!


KOLs across the 38 economies


costs needed to advertise with overseas KOLs


audiences exposed to the ad in full

Package Details

★  US$400 per YouTube KOL video

★  Minimum 20 overseas YouTubers from the 38 economies with 30,000+ subscribers and views         recommended by our AI algorithm

★  Minimum 20 videos with background ad to be published, 1 per YouTuber

★  Expected reach for 20 YouTubers: ~600,000

Terms and conditions:

  1. Up to ten percent of YouTube KOLs or videos can be rejected/exchanged after each purchase. (We will match the suitable YouTube KOL for the promotion again when the rejection happens)

  2. Once a YouTube KOL video and ad content are synthesized, advertisers will have 12 hours to approve it before the video is uploaded and published

  3. The offer can be used in promoting your brand to any of the 38 eligible economies under the FTA and IPPA Programme. Please refer to the BUD website ( for more details.

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