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Reward fans, increase traffic, and win clicks on Mother's Day with an iPhone given out for you!

Buy any KOL Video Background Advertising Package and a free Apple product will be given out by for your company on Mother's Day! Details are as follows:

For any purchase of a package priced at $38,000 or above, will gift an AirPods 3 for your company.

For any purchase of a package priced at $98,000 or above, will gift an Apple Watch Series 9 for your company.

For any purchase of a package priced at $188,000 or above, will gift an iPhone 15 for your company.

The ultimate aim is to significantly boost brand awareness amongst YouTube audiences and obtain data of those who have watched your advertisements and participated in the promotion.




We will insert your ads into different KOL videos. Each video includes a motion-ad and an AirPods/Apple Watch/iPhone animation



A customer-exclusive 4-digit promotion code will appear on the AirPods/Apple Watch/iPhone (different codes will appear in different videos to ensure participants have seen your ad before participating in this promotion)

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 5.42.38 PM.png


Participants will need to mark down the promotion code, and submit it along with their name, contact number, the name of the KOL and the title of the video in one of two ways:​

1. via your website's contact page (your company shall keep all participants information and decide the ultimate winner)

2. via's dedicated Google Form for you ( will encrypt all participant's information and send it to your company's dedicated email address, and will also decide the winner) 



The first audience to submit all corresponding promotion codes (e.g. if there are 10 KOL videos published with your company's ad, then there will be 10 promotion codes) wins the Apple product given by for your company.



To help audiences find the videos easily, will announce all videos containing the corporate's ad on its social media channels. Your company may also opt to post on your company's social media channel to increase awareness of the ad.

Don't miss this golden opportunity! If you would like to be part of this campaign, advertise with us before 5th April, 2024, and videos with your ad will all go live on YouTube before Mother's Day (12th May, 2024) reserves the right to make all final decisions, should there be any changes to the rules of the game, we will announce it on our website.

(The above activities are subject to the relevant terms and conditions)

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