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Fast! Strong! Accurate! AI Christmas Influencer Marketing

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Christmas is around the corner, and is often the peak season of sales. Brands would therefore like to seize the opportunity to boost up their sales, and @zyvizcom’s upcoming Christmas campaign, “Watch YouTube, win an iPhone”, is your perfect companion in achieving this. Here is a brief introduction:

1. The virtual animation will be inserted nearby your ad for only a short period of time and the audience will have to watch the video with your ad and screen-capture a frame of the animation (i.e., the audience will definitely pay full attention on your ad)

2. The audience will then need to visit your website and screen-capture the landing page

3. The audience will have to answer a question from you on Facebook. The comment with most ‘Likes’ will be the winner of the iPhone 13 (1TB).

We are fast, fast in creating your advertisements. As our AI influencer marketing solution uses post production methods, your Ad can be placed in the most noticeable area without looking odd. We can therefore easily complete a KOL video within a few hours, and deploy your promotion campaign in time for Christmas.

We are strong, strong in our audience reach. This Christmas campaign can effectively help you increase your advertisement’s view count and your clickthrough rate, all while increasing the view counts of the KOL’s videos.

We are accurate. @Zyvizcom’s AI engine’s technology can accurately scan the video, and can even pick up strands of hair flawlessly. More importantly, we can insert ads that cannot be skipped in the most eye-catching location, so the audience can definitely see your ad.

@Zyvizcom is very looking forward to you seizing this Christmas promotion opportunity, so please contact us if you are interested.

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