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We have officially opened an office in Foshan as their key project!

Zyetric Technologies Limited ('s CEO Patrick Lam signing the contract at Foshan, China’s parent company, Zyetric Technologies Limited, has officially opened an office in Foshan, China!

On 26 May, our CEO Dr Patrick Lam was invited to attend the Hong Kong PhD graduate projects contract signing ceremony organised by the Foshan San Long Wan Chinese Technology Development (CTD). With the signing of the contract, Zyviz has officially joined Foshan Guo Ke Hui Long Technology and Innovation Hub.

This signing ceremony featured 16 key projects, of which 8 were from Hong Kong Doctorial projects. We are extremely honoured to be recognised by the San Long Wan CTD as one of their key projects.

For more details of the contract signing ceremony please refer to the following link (in Chinese only):

*Dr Patrick Lam graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Doctor of Philosophy in Information Engineering in 2007.

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