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Is KOL Marketing really that time-consuming?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Video KOL Marketing, often identified as Vlog marketing as well, is widely considered to be a very effective marketing trend nowadays, as many and many more people are switching to online videos as their main source of entertainment or information, day after day[1].

With current KOL Marketing methods, however, completing a KOL marketing campaign that satisfies both advertisers and KOLs takes at least weeks, if not months! This is obviously not cost-efficient to both the advertiser and the KOL. In order to understand the underlying reasons causing such inefficiency, we need to first understand that the traditional KOL Marketing involves some very tedious steps before a campaign can be finished.

Firstly, advertisers will need to search for a suitable KOL who produces contents that fit their company’s need. Secondly, advertisers will negotiate the fees charged by the KOL and then discuss with the KOL on how she should promote the product in the video probably through laying out the script and story lines, and discussing on matters like how/where the ad should be presented in the video (for example, at the beginning or middle of it). The process sounds simple, but if any disagreement occur in any of the stages, both parties will have to further negotiate until they are both pleased. In the worst case, even after all the matters are sorted out, if the KOL’s video output does not match the advertiser’s expectation in anyway, the entire process, including storyline design, scripting, negotiations, etc., will often need to start all over again! Although this is the worst case, it actually happens very often in traditional KOL Marketing, making traditional KOL Marketing quite a time-consuming hassle for both the advertisers and the KOLs.

For advertisers that are reaching out to multiple KOLs, they would have to go through this entire process multiple times, effectively multiplying the above hassle.

With the continuous development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) however, the aforementioned problems could be solved. Through introducing AI into KOL marketing, time-efficient solutions could be brought to both advertisers and KOLs.

AI based KOL Marketing significantly reduces the time needed to advertising on KOL videos. Brands will only need to submit an advertisement to the AI based KOL Marketing platform, and the KOL video with their ads will be ready in hours within their favorite KOL’s channel. Furthermore, some AI based KOL Marketing platform can even guarantee that the brand’s advertisement will always appear in the first minute of their favorite KOL’s video, and ensure that the advertisement is displayed in front of the brand’s target audiences, where the audiences may have specific interests, or may even be from a specific country. Hence, the advertiser’s marketing message could easily be replicated across many KOL channels, categories, and even countries.

In the case that the advertiser is dissatisfied with the video output, she can simply reject the video, and her ad can be placed onto another KOL video, again, in a matter of hours. On the other hand, if the KOL does not like the ad being placed onto her video, she also has the right to reject the video. In this case, either the platform can insert another brand’s ad onto her video, or she can choose to simply publish the original video without any ad on it. As a result, neither side needs to do anything extra even when disagreement occurs. The AI based platform will handle it in a way that both sides are happy!

For KOLs, AI based KOL marketing eliminates the need for KOLs to spend time negotiating with advertisers. Unlike traditional KOL marketing, the KOLs filming process will not be intervened by the advertiser at all, effectively giving the KOL 100% freedom on filming their favorite content. Even if a disagreement between the advertiser and the KOL occurs, the KOL will not have to re-film the video at all.

If you would like to experience a time-efficient way of KOL Marketing, might be your best choice. is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our groundbreaking model of AI KOL marketing makes advertising easy and fast. Visit or contact us through We gladly await your enquiry.


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