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How can YouTube advertising with KOLs be done at low costs?

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

YouTube advertising has become very popular in recent years. Companies pay for YouTube Ads to grow their business. While traditional YouTube advertising like banner ads, in-feed ads or in-stream ads (e.g. pre-roll or mid-roll ads) can be done easily with custom budgets, YouTube advertising with KOLs, i.e. sponsoring the KOL in a video, is usually more complicated. The following reasons explain why.

Firstly, advertising with KOLs on YouTube is very time consuming. YouTube advertising with KOLs always starts with matching and rounds of negotiations, either with the KOL or the MCN, and it will most likely take brands weeks or even months preparing for an advertising campaign, from educating the KOLs on the brand and products, posting the products, preparing the script, filming the demonstration to embedding it into the video content. These significant time-costs feed into the higher costs needed to get YouTube advertising with KOLs completed.

A comparison of the work process with traditional YouTube advertising and YouTube advertising with KOLs

Secondly, advertising with YouTube KOLs is expensive. KOLs, especially popular KOLs with millions of subscriber base charge substantial amount for sponsored videos. It can cost USD20k or more to sponsor one video for a KOL of around 5m subscribers.

Fortunately, new artificial intelligence-based solutions can bridge the gap between traditional YouTube advertising and YouTube KOL advertising.

With solutions like KOL Video Background Marketing, brands can now easily advertise with YouTube KOLs at a significantly lower cost, at a rate that is more comparable to traditional YouTube advertising. This is because KOL Video Background Marketing capitalises on the KOLs’ unsponsored videos by turning them into revenue earning ones. Since the KOL will not charge a high price on such videos, the cost to advertising can be lowered.

Furthermore, as KOL Video Background Marketing is completely run by computer vision, the time and therefore costs needed to embed an advertisement on can be reduced significantly. Now, brands will no longer need to be engaged in negotiations and script-writing, and will only need to submit their ad assets like how they would do with traditional YouTube advertising. Furthermore, KOL Video Background Marketing comes with the added advantage of brand association, where a positive liking towards the KOL increases the likelihood an audience developing a liking towards the brand showcased next to the KOL.

An illustration of the work process with traditional YouTube advertising and KOL Video Background Marketing

To illustrate, below are some examples:

If you are looking to do YouTube advertising with KOLs cost effectively, then look no further! is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our ground-breaking KOL video background marketing solution enables brands to easily advertise with YouTube KOLs. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately for effective advertising. Visit or contact us through

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