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How can SMEs do effective KOL marketing?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

To many brands, KOL marketing is believed to be a highly effective marketing method, where it can help brands directly reach their potential target audience and expedite brand building efforts[1]. Nowadays, more and more brands are choosing KOL marketing as the marketing medium for their advertising campaigns.

To SMEs looking to do brand building, KOL marketing is invaluable. However, as previously discussed, KOL marketing is costly, and in most cases, KOL marketing may not even be an option to consider due to its hefty price tag. To SMEs, this comes with a few consequences:

Advertisers and KOL managers often have to engage with rounds of negotiations, like a tug-o-war

1. SMEs may only be able to afford advertising with less popular KOLs

This implies a comparatively low reach of the brands advertisement to their target audience.

2. Brands will need dedicated personnel to deal with the KOL(s)

Given the nature of traditional KOL marketing campaigns, the dedicated personnel will have to work with the KOL in coming up with the storyboard and other materials, which could imply added cost incurred in hiring staff

3. Brands may need to pay extra if the KOL video output is not to their liking

Even if the brand decides to commit to a KOL marketing campaign, should the outputs be subpar to the brand, the brand might have to pay extra to get the video fixed, and SMEs might not be willing or able to pay this added cost.

From the above, it can be seen that KOL marketing can be quite costly for SMEs, and the added costs that may come along makes this an less feasible option for SMEs to consider in terms of brand building.

Hence, SMEs may consider resorting to other types of advertising like banner advertisements, which normally require a smaller amount of initial cost. However, such kind of marketing is known to be much less effective than KOL marketing in general, and after all, even more costly in the long run.

Fortunately, technology has now enabled SMEs to be able to advertise with KOL marketing at a price they can afford. With AI based MCNs supported by the latest KOL video background marketing technology, KOL marketing for SMEs becomes a real possibility, and the following reasons show why:

1. Brands will only need to prepare advertising materials

With KOL video background marketing, brands will only need to submit their advertisement, and their KOL video with advertisement can be live on YouTube within a few hours.

2. Brands can now advertise across many different KOL videos across many different categories in a short period of time

Now, brands can easily advertise in many KOL videos, and even better, at a fraction of the cost they would originally need with traditional KOL marketing campaigns.

3. Brands will no longer need personnel to deal with the KOL or agency

With this technology, brands can now save time in the negotiation process, and the potential cost needed in hiring staff to deal with the negotiations.

4. Brands will not need to pay extra should a video is not to their liking

Should the above occur, the AI based MCN can easily move the brand’s advertisement into another video, and replace the advertisement on the original video with a different one.

Overall, SMEs can now easily work with KOL marketing for their branding or advertising efforts, and below are some examples on how it’s done:

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