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How can multinational KOL marketing campaigns be done in just a few clicks?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

As the development of cloud technology matures, cloud applications are increasingly permeating into our daily lives. In just a few clicks, information could easily be accessed and shared wherever you are. Benefiting from this advancement, KOL Marketing could too be easily done with a few clicks, and the corresponding campaigns can be expanded to many different countries without any geographical limitations. This type of advancement comes in as a form of KOL marketing known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) KOL marketing, where some particular ads are inserted into the background of a KOL video of suitable category.

With the aid of AI KOL Marketing cloud platforms, advertisers are now able to create multinational KOL marketing campaigns in a simpler way, by simply matching the relevant countries/territories being targeted, the video category, and the language used. While English is the main language used in the majority of YouTube channels, some countries do share languages. For example, some south-east Asian countries such as Singapore (with approximately 50% of Chinese speakers[1]) and Malaysia would also use Chinese along with territories that primarily speak Chinese like Hong Kong. Given that the AI platform will insert ads through post-production manner, marketing messages from a company could easily gain exposure from audiences around the world through the connection between the AI platform and their various KOLs worldwide.

In this respect, AI based KOL Marketing companies would be a great choice for brands and KOLs, especially to those thinking of expanding their brand or sponsorship opportunities overseas. With the relevant technology, the time needed to publish an ad, from finding a suitable KOL to uploading the video to YouTube, would be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the cost of including brand messages in a KOL video could also be significantly reduced to an unseen level when compared with traditional KOL marketing agencies. Moreover, to ensure client’s brand exposure, some AI KOL Marketing companies would guarantee total view counts within a particular campaign. As a result, not only can brands benefit from this transaction, KOLs can also cooperate with non-local companies to gain business exposure and extra sponsorship opportunities.

If you are looking to do multinational KOL marketing that is cost-effective and can be done in a few clicks, might be your best choice. is currently the leading AI enabled MCN platform in the world, and our groundbreaking model of multinational KOL marketing makes advertising in just a few clicks. Visit or contact us through We gladly await your enquiry.


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