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How can KOL Marketing fuel effective brand building efforts?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

To many brands, brand building is a key marketing activity. Brands do brand building to increase brand awareness among its target audience, construct their desired brand image in the consumers’ minds, and more importantly, distinguish themselves from the competition[1]. To achieve the aforementioned effects, one commonly used tactic is to send out the brand’s marketing message onto as many channels as possible, so that customers can easily be in touch with the brand’s marketing message or material, or even better, be in touch many times across different channels. To ensure success, brands will have to choose platforms that can maximise reach of the marketing material, and YouTube is one of those platforms that boast a high customer base.

There are different ways to advertise on YouTube, but KOL Marketing has proven to be the ongoing trend nowadays, as having a KOL endorse a brand’s product increases the brand’s credibility and liking. Therefore, if brands can imprint its marketing message to the customers’ minds with KOL Marketing, it should effectively fuel brand building efforts. However, while using KOL Marketing as means to spread a brand’s marketing message for brand building efforts is possible, it is actually difficult and inefficient, and the following reasons explain why.

Firstly, KOL Marketing brand building efforts is costly. If a brand were to maximise reach to its target audience, they will have to place their advertisement into as many KOL channels as possible. However, given the inherent nature that KOLs would charge a high price to the brands in order to cover filming expenses and sustain living, brands will have to spend tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, to get their brand widely spread on many KOL videos. This makes brand building efforts highly cost-inefficient, and a big issue to brands without significant marketing budgets and/or a dedicated KOL marketing team.

Secondly, KOL marketing brand building efforts are time-consuming, given the hefty workload the brand needs to bear in dealing with the KOL, and the countless rounds of negotiations the KOL and the brand will have to go through. Again, if a brand were to maximize reach by having their advertisement on many KOL videos, this will be very difficult as it will take the brands at least a few weeks to finish one video with the KOL, let alone multiple or even tens of videos in a campaign. Even worse, if a brand wants to effectively imprint their brand into the consumers’ minds, it will take many videos until consumers can start seeing the brand in many channels. For some brands without a hefty budget, this seems even more distant.

Fortunately, emerging AI KOL Marketing technologies could eliminate the factors that make brand building with KOL Marketing difficult and inefficient. With such AI technologies, KOL Marketing videos bearing the brand’s advertisement can be published within a few hours, and at a fraction of the cost that would be needed for traditional KOL marketing videos. Furthermore, the AI KOL Marketing firm can help brands insert their advertisement into many different KOL videos across many categories within hours, and even better, guarantee that the advertisement will appear within the first minute of the KOL video. Given that the audience is likely to stay for at least the first minute of the video before deciding whether to make switch to a different video, this means that the brands message can easily be imprinted into the audience’s mind, while spreading it across many KOL channels and videos easily. Below are some examples:

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