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How can companies safeguard their brand image from scandals when doing KOL marketing?

Living in a digital era, people can easily obtain any information at their fingertips using internet. Hence, if a person runs into any scandal, the news could be spread at rocket speed in the internet. This is a potential risk for companies working with KOLs. Given a KOL is linked to the brand in its videos, any scandal related to the KOL will also affect the company and trigger widespread negative brand image of the Company.

To alleviate this risk while working with KOLs, the Company can ask the KOL to remove the video with the company’s content from YouTube should the KOL run into any scandal. However, it may be difficult to do so with traditional KOL marketing methods as the KOL has already produced pre-agreed content for the company in the original videos. Removing all the videos from the KOL’s YouTube channel would therefore mean that the KOL will lose valuable view-counts from the videos and can significantly affect its earnings from YouTube KOLs will be reluctant to remove the videos related to Company. Hence it is rather difficult for the company to effectively protect its brand image in traditional KOL marketing.

Companies can now safeguard their brand image when working with KOLs with a policy known as the customer brand protection policy. This policy gives permission to the company to request a KOL involved in any scandal (political or sexual), or criminal charges to remove the YouTube video(s) with its advertisement within a time frame. The scandal should have been reported in printed newspaper or tv news or online.

While KOLs are less willing to work with a customer brand protection policy under traditional KOL marketing methods, KOLs working with AI MCNs are more willing to do so because KOL video background marketing only inserts advertisements into KOL videos in a post-production manner. The advertisement is not a pre-agreed content produced by the KOL but simply a background advertisement inserted onto the video. Hence, in an event where the KOL video with the advertisement must be removed from the channel, the KOL can remove the video easily and upload the original video without the advertisement onto YouTube again. Now, the video will still be on YouTube, which means that they won’t have to give up the earnings from YouTube. To illustrate, the diagram below shows the processes involved when a customer brand protection policy is enforced:

Furthermore, to illustrate why it is comparatively easier to enact a customer brand protection policy with technology, below are some YouTube examples of KOL video background marketing:

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