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How can brands guarantee results in their KOL Marketing campaign?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

When doing marketing campaigns, brands always hope to achieve the results they desire, be it display advertising, social media marketing, or other campaigns like search engine marketing. Starting a campaign requires investment, which is often a key consideration in terms of which kind of campaigns to choose. Therefore, it is reasonable that brands would like to have some more predictable results before making a decision on any campaign execution.

However, until now, marketing platforms or agencies, digital or traditional, can normally only provide *estimates* of the final results to the brands. Worse yet, those estimates are usually based on some best case scenario predictions, and brands usually cannot complain, not to mention getting their money back, if the estimates are not met. For example, in evaluating how many people would see a bus-stop advertisement, the agencies can at most estimate the amount of people that will walk past the bus-stop during good days. Obviously, that estimate will be far off under unpredictable events such as the long lasting COVID-19 pandemic, and the brands would have no way to complain.

Among various types of marketing campaigns, KOL marketing, although known to be very effective, is one that proves to be very difficult in estimating results. This is because brands cannot simply look at the average view count of the KOL and extrapolate the view count of the new video with the brand’s advertisement on it. In reality, the view counts for many KOLs fluctuate quite significantly, and their actual view count for each video varies, where some may become very popular on YouTube and some may be a slump from the expected view counts of the KOL.

If the brand happens to have advertised in a video that turns out to have low view-count, then that not only is a waste of marketing budget for the brand, but also a waste of very valuable time of the marketing team, given that the marketing team would already have spent a lot of time dealing with the KOL, coming up with the storyboard, and completing the many inevitable alterations during the process. In other words, the brand would simply have to spend money and time dealing and working with the KOL to complete a KOL video without any guarantee on the video performance at all. Given the high cost needed in KOL marketing, such uncertainty may pose obstacles to some businesses when considering doing KOL marketing campaigns, especially to those with limited budgets. Eventually this “uncertainty’ would also drive up the cost in the entire KOL marketing ecosystem.

Fortunately, AI based KOL marketing can eliminate the aforementioned issues. With the latest KOL video background marketing solution, brands can now do KOL Marketing with the assurance that they will get the results they desire. This is because brands can now subscribe to KOL campaigns that will guarantee view counts, and the AI KOL Marketing MCN will then insert the brand’s advertisement into one or more videos until the particular view-count is met. This means that even before the KOL marketing campaign begins, brands will already know the actual results to the campaign. Even better, such type of KOL marketing campaigns with guaranteed results can be done at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional KOL marketing campaigns, which takes a large amount of effort and time to complete, and cannot guarantee results. Below are some examples:

If you are in the search for a KOL Marketing solution that can help you do effective brand-building, then look no further! is currently the leading AI-enabled MCN platform in the world, and our ground-breaking KOL video background marketing solution guarantees results on your KOL Marketing campaigns. Visit or contact us through We gladly await your enquiry.


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