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How can brands ensure that their ad ALWAYS appear within the first minute of the sponsoring video?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms in the world, and many people spend hours streaming videos on the platform. Along with the popularization of YouTube there comes KOL marketing, where an advertisement of the brand is placed in a certain timestamp of a KOL’s video. On the other hand, KOL marketing is widely regarded as the inevitable trend of video advertising because of its very high efficiency.

Studies have found that, the audience of those popular KOL platforms, such as YouTube, often do not watch the entire video. In fact, they will usually decide whether to continue to watch or leave by the first minute of the video, which is also their attention span[1]. Hence, it can be inferred that an advertisement placed within the first minute is likely going to get more exposure than those placed in latter parts of the video.

From a business point of view, it would be ideal if every KOL placed the brands’ ads at this attention-grabbing first minute. Yet, the reality is that having an advertisement placed at the first minute is not guaranteed. In common cases, an advertisement from a brand is usually inserted at the final part of a KOL YouTube video, the part which viewers often neglect (KOLs do that because they are concerned that their audience will be bothered by the hard-selling advertisement, and will skip watching their video). Obviously, this way of operation would undoubtedly be unfair to brands, and hence often causes a tug of war between KOLs and their sponsors, where they both fight for their own interests.

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) KOL marketing solve the problem?

The longstanding tug of war between KOL and sponsors prevail amid traditional KOL marketing methods. With the support of technology however, this could be eradicated, using a new form of KOL Marketing – Artificial Intelligence KOL Marketing.

Unlike old ways of KOL marketing which normally places the brands’ advertisements in the final few minutes of a video, AI technology can ensure that the brand’s advertisement is placed at the first minute of the video in the most eye-catching manner, but at the same time ensuring that the advertisement will not bother the audience at all. This works by inserting the advertisement into the most attention-drawing location in the background of the YouTuber’s video, and ensuring that the advertisement is well blended with the surrounding background, effectively creating a soft-selling effect. This subtle and approach easily imprints the brand’s advertisement into the viewers’ minds. In fact, with the efficiency of AI processing, the soft-selling effect could be easily multiplied by placing the brand’s advertisement in many KOL channels within a very short time.’s groundbreaking AI KOL Marketing solution costs significantly less than traditional KOL marketing solutions. Better yet, we can guarantee that your advertisement appears in the first minute of a KOL video. Therefore, if you are looking to maximize exposure for your advertisement in KOL videos, we might be your best choice. Visit or contact us through We gladly await your enquiry.


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