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Visit instagrammable spots with CC X Mox Bank

Need good-looking outfits for photos at photogenic spots? Shop with Mox Card! Click the link in the video description to apply for a Mox virtual bank account, and get HKD200 when you spend over HKD200. More importantly, you earn real Cashback instead of reward points🎊 🎊

YouTube Video:

Who doesn’t love an Instagrammable photo? 📸

Why visit generic spots rather than somewhere special?😍 Unique buildings are everywhere in Hong Kong Island. Interesting historical architectures are, too, everywhere.🏛 Especially in Central and Sheung Wan. Hipsters are really obsessed with vintage vibe.👩‍🎨 Take a set of vintage photographs and post it online!💅 Watch Cherry’s video and be sure to jot down all the Instagram-worthy spots! She is certainly an expert of Instagrammable pictures.😉

When watching this video, why not take a look at the advertisement behind Cherry! This advertisement is perfectly inserted by our AI engine, and it can also be your advertising space in future videos! If you’re interested, you may contact us to learn more😎

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