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Caca Lam - AI Video Advertising

Caca’s new guest is sum sum🐶! Why is this Husky named sum sum💕?I’m sure you’ll know at a glance. Some may say Caca only loves Bozi, but she actually loves all pets just like Bozi, so nope! 😝 This time, Caca will sing Joey Yung’s "Small Day" to such a lovely Husky!🎤 Everyone go and see the interaction between Caca and Sumsum!

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming🏮! Have you discovered the new design of’s ad? This limited Mid-Autumn Festival version motion ad is simple and subtle, which can easily grab the audience's attention and effectively increase the exposure rate. In this special series, we also have riddles for you, and some will be coming up soon, so stay tuned on our social media for them!

Caca is a professional 3️⃣-language host. She likes singing and playing with dogs and also has many fans✨! Any pet-related business, such as pet food🍗, toys, medical care, etc., are welcome to contact us to try our AI video advertising solution in presenting your freely designed brand advertisements. We will place your ad in the most eye-catching position, which brings a fresh look to the audience🤩. Low cost and high efficiency, with the most suitable YouTuber for you!🙌🏻

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WeChat: 帅红网小助手

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