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Customer Brand Protection Policy
V1.1 (Last Update: 14 December 2022)’s customer brand protection policy safeguards a company’s brand image against our cooperating KOL’s negative sentiment resulting in a public relations disaster and irreparable brand damage. In order to protect our customers, we state here our customer brand protection policy guidelines which are agreed by all of our cooperating KOLs.


If your advertisement is posted in one of our cooperating KOLs and they run into any of the following situations:


Political scandal,

Sexual scandal, or

Criminal Charges,


then the company has the right to request the KOL to remove all of videos  with the company’s advertisement from YouTube. The KOL must comply within 72 hours upon a written request. The KOL can still upload the original videos (.i.e.without the company’s advertisement) back in his/her YouTube channel as he/she wishes.


The company is required to prove the above situation with a minimum of 100 posts with a negative image or reputation of the KOL online, in TV news, or any printed newspapers, etc. (within a 3-month window)

In case of any dispute, the decision of shall be final.  

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