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Watch YouTube, 
Win an Apple Watch!

Win prizes as easy as just watching YouTube? You heard me right! Come join this prized game, and you can win big prizes!


Rules to the games!
Remember to complete all 4 steps~

You need to be a Hong Kong resident, with adult or children HKID, of age 12 or above to enter this game.


Watch our sponsored videos in February, find the tiger, and screenshot it


Click the sponsor's link in the description, and then screen-capture the entire page.

Asset 1_2x.png
Asset 2_2x_edited.png
Asset 1_2x.png
Asset 2_2x.png


Direct Message(DM) us the screenshots through Instagram




Comment on our campaign's IG post: #zyvizcom and a customer's hashtag, and tag 3 friends

That's it!

The 5 comments with the most likes will win the following prizes:

1st place: Apple Watch Series 7

2nd place: Texas Sonic N1 PRO+ Projector

3rd place: Marshall Emberton Speaker

4th place: Hot Sandwich Maker 

5th place: Aroma Diffuser


Promotion starts on 1/2 and ends at 28/2 11:59pm, so don’t miss the chance!

Want to get more likes or know which video has a tiger and customer hastag in it? Then scroll down!

Sprint Period

Want to get more likes? Then look out for the sprint period!


The sprint period runs in all Saturdays and Sundays, plus February 28, and during this period, for every extra set of screenshots you send to us, we will add 100 to your total likes. Remember to get screenshots from different videos, don’t be sneaky and send us two sets of screenshots from the same video. 

Example 1: Participant A submits 3 screenshots on 6/2, then he/she will have 300 (3x100) likes added to her total.

Example 2: Participant B submits 7 screenshots on 26/2, and submits another 4 screenshots on 28/2, then he/she will have 1100 (4x100+7x100) likes added to her total. reserves the right to make all final decisions, should there be any changes to the rules of the game, we will announce it on our website.

(The above activities are subject to the relevant terms and conditions)

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